Places for Single Mom! Cool..

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well,I really don’t want to be a single mom in the future! It seems like..horrible! But,I just want to share some articles from Richard Florida timeline in my tweets!
But,somehow I am thinking about, what if I’m not getting married in 30 y.o?! *hooh..I hope NO..BIG NO NO..cuz I’m dreaming 2 have child in under 30 y.o*
Okay, if..I probably should be take care of my child by my self! Either it cuz I didn’t married yet or I have some problem with my future husband..
I should planning,how I will surprise with this situation, how I will get a deal with my world and my world’s around!
So,I think.. This article inspiring me.. To make some bad badly horrible future that I really do not expect! Hehee..
Uhm..I should check some places to live and feel comfortable with my choice!
Of course,some place that can make me get a new papa for my child! Hahahaa.. LOL..

Well,this is cool article,girls! Should read it! And..I love the way the writer make analysis and some comparison for the best place! Appreciate that..

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